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Hard Femdom Caning

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Are you in search of a good Femdom Caning or maybe just to be the witness of one hard caning punishment inflicted on a inferior male by a superior Female , than you came to the right place as in this update I have a strict caning Mistress from the United Kingdom with a nice British accent who is punishing her male slave by giving him a hard caning on his bottoms , you can see his red arse is being cane strapped by this harsh caning , the photo comes from a place which is made by a group of females who call them selves the strict women group who love to discipline males who are in need of a strict woman to guide them to good and respectful behavior , or they do it just to enjoy giving a submissive male a good caning punishment , this place the have on the web is very popular by many sub males who are in search of such women and they have a loyal group of followers as these women of the strict women group are already active for some years , if you have never saw their site or videos this is a bloody marvelous time to meet these strict women from the United Kingdom Click Here To Enter


Busty High Heeled Latex Mistress

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Gorgeous latex Domina canes the shit out of her slave boy in this episode I’m talking about at my blog… we have talked about many things related to good old fashioned caning at this blog and in al my honesty I can say I have shown very precious Mistresses dressed to kill , just like this very very Beautiful Mistress , if she wants she may be the local Queen of my blog , the slave who has a session with her seems to be very happy to be her slave and to me that is no surprise , a hot sexy woman just makes a man smile and if this hot sexy lady happens to be a strict caning Mistress well then any guy who visits this blog will smile form ear to ear when she would be standing in front of you ready to teach you what your place is and that today is a day for her to relieve some frustrations and this slave is the lucky fellow to be serving her in her need , but this tough looking slave is really made into her bitch as after caning and whipping the shit out of him she sodomizes him with her large strapon ….if seeing is believing Click Here


Women Caning Men Outdoors

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Look at these two ugly saggy ass male losers …but not to long because you may run away from my site because of them , but anyway the hot women who cane these men will make you come back again , and who knows , maybe you are a ugly saggy ass grey haired loser yourself and you find it a big kick to see guys you can identify with on a blog like this , well if that is the case please shut up because I don’t want to know about it okay , but anyway outdoor caning is a cool fetish within a fetish , or maybe I should define caning more as a need then as a fetish because I know many men need to be caned by a strict woman , just to be able to feel alive and to get back to the right direction , to have this strict and severe punishment makes them remember the most important thing in live and that is that even thou they are ugly saggy ass losers who really know one cares about unless they pay some money … but the point is the women who cane them make them remember that they are alive and that many things in life matter , like the way you present yourself , the way you smell , so do the whole world a big favour, present your self in a good way to these ladies who are willing to spend a part of their life with losers like you …be kind and grateful even though you might have paid her for it , don’t be rude or demanding , like a big fat pig , be humble and kind for these woman and if you don’t like these words then you sure need an extreme caning punishment from a very harsh and cruel Mistress to teach you respect , but anyway enough of the education time most of you readers don’t need this shit I know , but I have a mission statement here and now it is time for those who wish to check out the giver of the photo it comes from the English Mansion a great serious site ruled by very strict women who use and abuse men for their own pleasure See For Your Self Here


Mistress in Latex caning

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

There is this special something about latex it is such a beautiful material for clothing and then I mean female clothing , you dumb males who also come here , it is not appreciated to see your ugly asses in latex , but when a nice hot looking female dresses herself in latex oh my it is a sensual experience on it’s own and  even better when this woman is a strict Latex Mistress with a cane or whip in her hand ready to punish dumb ass submissive males like most of you reading this . well in the photo below we can all witness that this women is severely punishing her male slave . By the way for you guys who love to know names and details of every Mistress you see on the web ..  her name is Latex Mistress Berlin and the photo comes from a hard femdom session with her , where she severely punishes her male slave , she really fucks up her bitch , pretty brutal how she tortures him in her dungeon , this busty caning Mistress really doesn’t spare this guy  if you like to see how the session goes then you could go to the site of Captive Male


Mistress Lorelei canes her male bitch

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hello loser’s let’s show respect to those here who deserve it , I’m talking about Strict Caning Mistress Lorelei off course , remember what I was talking in the last post about how people present themselves , well look at the beautiful Mistress Lorelei in her sexy black and red stockings and her red and black high heels , and yes lots of respect because her set is complete her bra is also red and black , very tasteful , and a big treat for al the losers over here ..and what will they do in return for Mistress Lorelei ? Well most will most probably just wank on her sexy looks and the way she handles sub males with her cane…and I do respect the way she presents herself on my blog …and her little shackled male bitch slave is showing her lots of respect as well by his body posture , that is how a loser should show respect to a Lady when he is invited into a room together with her ..don’t you think? Well unfortunately that is not always possible in our day to day reality but here in my blog al these fantasies become true and if your little loser ass wants to see more of Lorelei you won’t get it from me in this post so you better Click Here and Help yourself a Hand


Two Leather Mistresses caning male

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hey there you worm , welcome to the first post on my blog which is all about strict women punishing undisciplined males  , this is no blog about violence , this blog is about care with a hard hand , the care to correct weak males who have lost track and need a hard caning to be awakened  again , how to dress when you go out of the house where women walk , how to walk and how to talk all these things are important as the are things in which respect in expressed and many submissive males tend to forget these small small things as their mind is to occupied with their own small little thing , well here at this blog I like to show strong caring caning women ,well I even like to show real mean strict bitches who are totally pissed of at pathetic males in their presence , these women seem cruel to the weak males and tend to have the intention to break them , but remember these males deserve this punishment , just like the slave male in the photo below , he himself has chosen to enter the  English Mansion a place  where women use men for their pleasure and nothing else , and this male is not of much use to these ladies dressed in leather so they forced him to undress in front of them and bound him to the cross for hard bottom caning . If you have become curious about the English Mansion and you want to Learn More about this institute you may click here