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Women Caning Men Outdoors

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Look at these two ugly saggy ass male losers …but not to long because you may run away from my site because of them , but anyway the hot women who cane these men will make you come back again , and who knows , maybe you are a ugly saggy ass grey haired loser yourself and you find it a big kick to see guys you can identify with on a blog like this , well if that is the case please shut up because I don’t want to know about it okay , but anyway outdoor caning is a cool fetish within a fetish , or maybe I should define caning more as a need then as a fetish because I know many men need to be caned by a strict woman , just to be able to feel alive and to get back to the right direction , to have this strict and severe punishment makes them remember the most important thing in live and that is that even thou they are ugly saggy ass losers who really know one cares about unless they pay some money … but the point is the women who cane them make them remember that they are alive and that many things in life matter , like the way you present yourself , the way you smell , so do the whole world a big favour, present your self in a good way to these ladies who are willing to spend a part of their life with losers like you …be kind and grateful even though you might have paid her for it , don’t be rude or demanding , like a big fat pig , be humble and kind for these woman and if you don’t like these words then you sure need an extreme caning punishment from a very harsh and cruel Mistress to teach you respect , but anyway enough of the education time most of you readers don’t need this shit I know , but I have a mission statement here and now it is time for those who wish to check out the giver of the photo it comes from the English Mansion a great serious site ruled by very strict women who use and abuse men for their own pleasure See For Your Self Here


Two Leather Mistresses caning male

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hey there you worm , welcome to the first post on my blog which is all about strict women punishing undisciplined males  , this is no blog about violence , this blog is about care with a hard hand , the care to correct weak males who have lost track and need a hard caning to be awakened  again , how to dress when you go out of the house where women walk , how to walk and how to talk all these things are important as the are things in which respect in expressed and many submissive males tend to forget these small small things as their mind is to occupied with their own small little thing , well here at this blog I like to show strong caring caning women ,well I even like to show real mean strict bitches who are totally pissed of at pathetic males in their presence , these women seem cruel to the weak males and tend to have the intention to break them , but remember these males deserve this punishment , just like the slave male in the photo below , he himself has chosen to enter the  English Mansion a place  where women use men for their pleasure and nothing else , and this male is not of much use to these ladies dressed in leather so they forced him to undress in front of them and bound him to the cross for hard bottom caning . If you have become curious about the English Mansion and you want to Learn More about this institute you may click here